Rába Magazine LXXIII. Grade number 3

Rába is 125 years old - speech by Béla Hetzmann, President and CEO
Sustained successful operation at the Rába
Rába will be able to make even more of its potential
Organisational changes to increase efficiency
Targeting new customers, new products
New supply chain organisation contributes to better functioning
A change of mindset in maintenance: the aim is to prevent failures
Savings from concentrating production processes
Quality customer service is the goal at Rába Járműalkatrész Kft.
Management systems at Rába Járműalkatrész Kft.
Sizing of drive train elements
Industry 4.0: new project improves efficiency of Schuler line in forging plant
Working for employee satisfaction in HR
Rába launches new website
Discounted Telekom mobile subscriptions for Rába employees
Spanning history - 125 years of the Rába - János Szabó's series of articles - Part 3
Vehicle manufacturing in the Rába - from regime change to the present
Trade unions: good relations with the new management
Rába anniversary medal
Tribal Guards jubilee
Staff members celebrating

Rába Magazine LXXIII. Grade number 2

Aiming for an even more efficient, better Rába - with CEO Béla Hetzmann
Significantly increasing profitability, continued successful crisis management
A good start to the first quarter at Rába Járműalkatrész Kft. - Urbányi László Managing Director
"I am proud to be here" Interview with Roland Fehér, the new Managing Director of Rába Futómű Kft.
Focus on the customer
- Szilárd Polgár Commercial Director
- Attila Leéb Business Development Manager
- Alíz Tóth Business Development Manager
Rába Development Institute adds value - Péter Vincze
The modern technological base is now indispensable - Tibor Csehi
The new ERP system will be modern and user-friendly
Spanning history - 125 years of the Rába - János Szabó's series of articles - Part 2
Rekard turns 70 - Imre Szabó's memories - Part 3
Central contact details of Rába Group
Staff members celebrating

Rába Magazine LXXIII. Grade number 1

Order book continues to grow after record quarter - Interview with CEO István Pintér
Successful crisis management - Record quarter since listing
Rába is a protagonist in the history of Győr - Mayor Dr. Csaba András Dézsi on the company's anniversary
Real estate sales
New challenges, new opportunities
- Rába Futómű Kft. - On the threshold of an outstanding year
- Rába Járműalkatrész Kft. - Higher plans, good start to the year
- Rába Jármű Kft. - A successful year ahead
Hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian buses will be fitted with Rába chassis this year
Iron structure segment at Rába Futómű Kft
Life cycle assessment of structural elements of running gears - by Zsolt Varga
The record of 53 years old Rabás is unbeatable - We remember Ferenc Romvári
42.5 years at the Rába - Kálmán Rákóczy retires
Spanning history - 125 years of the Rába - János Szabó's series of articles - Part 1
Rekard turns 70 - Imre Szabó's memories - Part 2
The idea card is a good idea - "Employee suggestion system" at Rába Futómű Kft
Our trade union life - RMSZ
Staff members celebrating

Rába Magazine Volume LXXII No. 4

Together, we successfully and successfully restarted operations in the third quarter - Interview with István Pintér, CEO 
Rába enters its 125th year 
Effective crisis management, profitable operations, continued future building 
Casting by 3D printing 
Business development and strategic sourcing with great opportunities 
In addition to organic growth, Rába is also thinking about market takeovers 
Installation of the new robotic cell production line at the Moravia plant has started 
Schuler forging line starts series production of new trailer axle 
Focus on optimal production processes 
The carriage of the Rába-Balaton motor train will find its rightful place - 
History of the motor train 
Rekard turns seventy - a look back
In his spare time, the process engineer carves wood 
In memory of Sándor Polgár

Rába Magazine Volume LXXII No. 3

Business prospects are improving - interview with Béla Balog, Deputy CEO  
Positive and stable operating cash flow remains a priority despite the crisis 
Rába enters a new market segment 
Daily forecasts show a strengthening of the water 
Rekard has recorded a significant turnover so far this year 
Rába's response to the growing technical needs of the US market 
Building the road to the future with the pilot project 
Lasco retires after forty years of service 
Optimising the production process on the new front axle press line 
The finite element analysis 
The RÁBA Plc. General Meeting of Shareholders Confirmed resolutions, closing of the 2019 financial year 
New emulsion collection tank for environmental safety 
Rába and customers benefit from the new paint booth 


Rába Magazine Volume LXXII Issue 2

A committed team is the strength of Rába - interview with István Pintér, CEO 
Exploiting new market opportunities and developments will mark the road ahead in 2020 - Press release 
Disc-braked chassis for Marmon-Herrington 
Running gear supplies to the Russian and Uzbek markets 
Bus chassis developments for the Russian and Central Asian markets 
Together it is much easier - Interview with Balázs Szabó, Managing Director of Rekard 
The full changeover to the new forge will be completed shortly 
They found their calling in the forge - our staff introduce themselves 
Almost a thousand military vehicles in a decade and a half 
New drilling machine at Rába Jármű Kft. works five times faster 
ISO 14001 supervisory audit at Rába Járműalkatrész Kft 
Successful "extraordinary" NATO AQAP 2110 Surveillance audit at Rába Jármű Kft 
Commemoration of our colleague Miklós Bavolyár 
Greetings to our jubilee staff