Management systems

Rába Plc. is committed to the implementation of total quality management

Rába understands the concept of quality as a strategic concept for its products, internal and external processes and last but not least for its activities with skateholders.

Its quality process does not end with production, it pays special attention to the supplier and customer processes and their feedback.

The Company aims at continuous improvement and is continuously developing its quality system in order to meet all the requirements of the Company and its quality management system.

Rába Plc operates an environmental management system to ensure sustainable development and growth, to carry out environmental protection activities under regulated conditions and to ensure continuous improvement. The priority is to prevent environmental pollution, to continuously reduce the environmental burden and to fulfil compliance obligations.

Through the operation of the occupational health and safety management system and the implementation of risk assessments carried out within the framework of this system, the Company aims to identify and manage risks and opportunities, to create conditions for safe work that does not endanger health, and to continuously improve the MEB management system.

The Company continuously evaluates and improves its management systems in order to ensure that its operations are always operational and effective in a changing business and regulatory environment.