Market segments

Rába is present with its products of the three main market segments in the European Union, the United States, the CIS countries and Japan. The company supplies main units and components for about 100-110 thousand vehicles per year, i.e. for heavy commercial vehicles produced worldwide. In its own segment Rába has a share of about 3% of the world market. 

Rába's largest customers are the major players in the European market. As a result, one in every three heavy trucks on European roads contains a component manufactured and supplied by Rába.


The European Union commercial vehicle market 300-350 thousand vehicles per year. Rába's biggest customers are the major players in the European market, the Scania and the Volvo commercial vehicle groups (Volvo, Renault, Mack brand names). Every third large truck on the European roads is equipped with a suspension component manufactured and supplied by Rába.

Rába products have also been successfully proven in special-purpose, heavy-duty, off-road vehicles and military applications. In the context of the MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) programme, which became important in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Rába supplied the US Army with axles for more than 4,000 Cougar vehicles through its US partner. Thanks to this successful international reference, Rába is still supplying axles for UN peacekeeping vehicles.

In a successful development cooperation, the company has also been supplying landing gears for low-floor buses and medium-duty trucks for ISUZU in Japan for more than a decade. Rába supplies not only axles to the truck market, but also specialised bodies and welded structures.

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Agricultural machines

In addition to commercial road vehicles, the market for agricultural machinery should also be highlighted. In addition to the range of agricultural, vehicle propeller shafts and drive trains for general use, the various innovative chassis solutions developed to meet specific market requirements are also outstanding both professionally and commercially. High reliability and long service life are essential requirements for high-perfomance agricultural machinery above 500 HP.

The most successful and technically outstanding projects in recent years have been the special axles developed for the top tractors of the American agricultural machinery manufacturers John Deere and Claas of Germany. Rába is now known as a specialist in heavy tractor axles and has a strong position in this strategically important niche market segment.

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Passenger Vehicles

The passenger car industry is another key segment of the global automotive sector. In the early 2000s, in order to integrate into the international supply chains of the automotive industry, Rába established a components business unit targeting the European markets, mainly in the Central and Eastern European region and the EU, with its core technologies and products. Part production and customer service are carried out at three sites, in Moravia, Sárvár and Esztergom.

Rába has extensive experience and an excellent track record in the production of car and commercial vehicle seats, seat components and automotive parts. With its pressed welded and various machined components, Raba is recognised supplier partner to the automotive industry in the Central European region: to Magyar Suzuki Zrt. and Magyar Toyo Seat Kft. for seat components (seat frames and seat covers) and to the Volkswagen Group with engine compartment pressed components. The company has developed a major business relationship with F.S.Fehrer GmbH in the product range of rear centre armrest frames, wire seat frames and armrest covers.

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Rába has been present in the bus market segment for almost 50 years and has been developing, manufacturing and supplying bus axles for domestic Kravtex (Credo buses) and the Russian market, including GAZ and Karmaz.

The company's wide product range covers the full range of market needs, from midi buses to articulated city buses. As in Western Europe, the company's traditional markets in the region, Eastern Europe and the CIS countries are also showing an upward trend in the proportion of new low floor buses entering service.

In a highly successful development cooperation framework, the company has also been supplying axles for ISUZU low-floor buses and medium-duty trucks for more than a decade in Japan, for use in urban areas there.

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Road construction machines

Rába builds on the competence, technology and production capacity it has developed over decades in the manufacture of bus chassis, and produces vehicle chassis and other welded iron components for advanced construction and commercial vehicles for European markets, for road construction and earthmoving machinery manufacturers (HAMM).

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