Rába has successfully integrated its products into the value chain of the global commercial vehicle industry. It supplies axles, spare parts and various structural components to major players in the automotive industry, and special components and chassis to heavy equipment manufacturers in the construction industry. As international customers work along global sourcing strategies, Rába has to develop and produce competitive products in this global supplier competition. Accordingly, Rába offers a full range of product-related services and provides complete industrial solutions for complex customer requirements: engineering services, development, testing, prototyping and series production.


A Rába elsődleges terméke a futómű, melyet a világ nagy haszonjármű gyártó vállalatainak szállít. Elsősorban exportra termel, hagyományosan legnagyobb felvevő piaca az Egyesült Államok, de Nyugat-Európában is egyre növekvő a jelenléte. A Rába közepes és kis sorozatban gyártott komplett futóművekkel és nagy sorozatú futómű, illetve erőátviteli alkatrészekkel jelenik meg piacain.

Complete axles can be divided into the following product groups according to their application:

  • high performance agricultural machinery axles,
  • truck axles - driven, steered front adn driven rear
  • bus and trolleybus axles - single- and double-stage and low-back.

In addition to road commercial vehicles, the other important product range is the market for high-performance agricultural machines, special-purpose, heavy-terrain vehicles, and military applications.

Special axles developed specifically for bus applications are succesful products of Rába in the domestic, Russian and Japanese markets. In a highly successful development partnership, the company has also been supplying axles for ISUZU low-floor buses and medium-duty trucks in Japan for more than a decade, for use in the cities of Japan. Rába axles have also been succesfully proven in military applications. To date, the company has supplied special axles for more than 4,000 Cougar vehicles for the US Army and for UN peacekeeping vehicles.

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Axle Components

Rába has unique experience in the production of forged products, and thanks to continuous development, the largest modern forge in Hungary and a modern heat treatment equipment with the capacity to match, is located in Rába. As a result, in addition to the development and production of complete axles, Rába's main profile is the production of forged parts for automotive industry (trucks, buses and special vehicles). These are incorporated into products from the world's global vehicle manufacturers, in addition to its own axles.

In addition to forging, the technology also includes heat treatment, isothermal annealing and normalising of forgings, as well as refining, straightening, crack detection, grain mixing and surface cleaning of forgings, and hardness measurement.

The product range:

  • Assembled units and machined castings
  • Head assemblies
  • Housings, I-Beams
  • Conventional and integrated articulators
  • Shafts (axle beams, axle shafts, camshafts)
  • Spherical and symmetrical forgings (ring gears, driving cone gears, crown gears, planetary gears, planetary carriers, hub gears, axle shafts, flange gearbox halves)
  • Arm-like parts (tie rod arms, steering arms, brake levers, weld yokes, spider differentials)
  • Brackets and stubs (brake spiders)
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Chassis, weldes structures

In order to make economical use of the cold-forming capabilities that Rába has built up over the past decades and our production capacities, we manufacture large complete painted sub-assemblies and semi-finished products for our customers who produce complete heavy construction vehicles in a continuous operation:

  • Vehicle fram structures, chassis and other welded structural components
  • Vehicle bodies, vehicle accessories, assembled units and parts

The buyers are major European manufacturers of military vehicles and earthmoving equipment.

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Rekard, a member of the Rába Group, develops and manufactures universal and special gearboxes for agricultural machinery, which allow straight and angular drives with various gear ratios. The carrier diff sub assembly is usually made of cast, but in smaller series production the carrier diff sub assmebly is welded from steel plate, For gears we use mainly 20MnCr5, 16MnCr5 forged steel with case hardening, for shafts we use, depending on the stress, heat treatable steels (e.g. 42CrMo4), with inductive hardening on the wear surfaces.

The unified universal angle drive family offers a wide range of applications with a variety of gear ratios, drive directions and coupling sizes across 9 power ranges.

Performance limit
Gear ratio
< 5 kW
< 10 kW
3,1:1; 2,15:1; 1:1
< 20 kW
5,1:1; 3,18:1; 2,83:1
< 30 kW
3,18:1; 1,36:1; 1:1
< 45 kW
7,57:1; 4:1; 1,36:1
< 65 kW
< 100 kW
3,1:1; 2,86:1
< 150 kW
1:2; 2,86:1
< 200 kW
3,1:1, 2,6:1
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seat components

In order to strengthen its position in the internation supply chains of the automotive industry, Rába has established a single parts business unit, which supplies its products to the European markets, mainly in the Central and Eastern European region and the EU. A manufacturer of welded and pressed structures and parts of high quality, using state-of-the-art technology, in well-specified product categories. Its product portfolio is dominated by the manufacture of car and commercial vehicles seats, seat systems and seat components.

Rába is a key supplier of seat components (seat frames and seat covers) to Magyar Suzuki Zrt. and Magyar Toyo Seat Kft., and Tier 1 supplier to Volkswagen Group. Supplies rear centre armrest frames, wire seat frames and armrest covers to F.S.Fehrer GmbH.

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veichle industry parts

Rába manufactures and supplies automotive components - especially commercial vehicle axels, passenger car and engine area parts - partly for its own products, but also for European industrial companies in the commercial and passenger car manufacturing industry. The assembled, mounted spare parts are incorporated into axles and brake assemblies.

With its pressed, welded and various machined parts, Rába is a recognised supply partner for the automotive industry in the Central European region, selling its products to international automotive companies. The product portfolio consists of thousands of different structural components and parts. (V-belt pulleys, rings, housing-type parts, ball pivots, axles, axle stubs, brake discs, spider differential, arm-tie rod, coupling brackets, belt pulleys, planetary gears and other connecting parts.)

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Technical services

Development services

Rába - in cooperation with its partners - offers a wide range of services undertakes the development of new products and product families, from the concept through sample production to the perfomance of the necessary tests, and the implementation and monitoring of any technical changes that arise during the product's life.

During the introduction of a new product, the number of development iterations can be significantly reduced by using modern simulation tools, combined with Rába's rich product development experience. In the offer of technical services, Rába's design, project and test engineers - in accordance with international practice - cover the entire development process. Their activities include bearing and gear sizing, lifetime calculations, project management with key customer and supplier relationships, 3D design, finite element simulations, strength sizing, frequency and order analysis, and validation of undercarriages for full physical, through bench test capacity.

Testing services

Based on its decades-long market presence, Rába has built a test knowledge and infrastructure that is a key factor in the introduction of a new product, complementing the use of modern simulation tools. Combined with Rába's rich product development experience, the number of development iterations can be significantly reduced. The conformity of the product, the basis of the final approval, must always be based on some kind of physical examination, as these are critical parts from the point of view of safety of life and property. Undercarriages and undercarriage components under development must be tested on a test bench, checking the quality of the design, sizing and manufacturing process and its effects in the product life cycle. At the Rába test center, all tests that arise during the development process in the case of complete undecarriages can be performed. Rába performs a total of twenty-seven internal company standard test procedures, including fatigue life and drive chain life tests, noise measurements, brake tests, oiling and climate tests.
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