Rába Automotive Components Manufacturing and Trading Ltd.

The continuously upgraded technology and fleet of machinery of Rába’s Sárvár plant comprises NC, CNC machining centres, NC, CNC lathe, milling and traditional turning, drilling, milling, grinding and broaching press machines, as well as heat treatment equipment. 


Our turning jobs are typically performed with a 10-600 mm diameter and a 1000 mm maximum length, using conventional and NC, CNC-controlled lathe machines.

Drilling, milling  
Drilling and milling operations are carried out at a maximum dimension of 700x800x900mm, using conventional or NC, CNC-controlled equipment.

Precision machining, grinding
Precision machining and grinding operations are performed in dimensions ranging from 4mm to 300 mm in diameter and 800 mm in length.

Special technologies
Manufacturing of  rib gear using a special cold forming (GROB) method,
applied up to a diameter of 120 mm and a length of 450 mm. Internal broaching technology is used to manufacture the internal teeth of pieces with maximum dimensions of 150x Ø 220.

Heat treatment technology
The heat treatment technology used includes hardening, induction hardening and tempering, for both shaft- and disc-type products.

Assembly technology
The assembly technology used allows us to assemble increasingly complex parts using Rába’s products, in order to offer the most comprehensive service to our customers.