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Rába received a new order for hybrid buses
Rába Vehicle Ltd. signed an agreement about the delivery of 28 diesel-electric hybrid buses equipped with the most modern vehicle technology. The recently ordered bus fleet will be used in the public transport system of Budapest, which means that an already proven, sustainable, clean and green technology will appear on the roads of the Hungarian capital, bringing reduced noise levels.
Rába: Outstanding Cash-flow Generation Continues; Net Loan Reaches Record Low in Ten Years
Consolidated, group level sales of Rába Group reached HUF 11.8 billion in the first three months of 2014, registering a 3.5 percent increase compared to the base period of 2013. The company wrapped up the first quarter with an EBITDA exceeding HUF 1 billion and HUF 444 million worth of operating profit. Last year’s outstanding cash-flow generation continued this year with HUF 2 222 million, with net loan dropping to HUF 6.8 billion, a record low for the past ten years.
Rába’s AGM Acclaims Year 2013 That Brought Outstanding Results
The Annual General Meeting of Rába Plc. approved the management’s report on the year 2013 operation of the company. Rába concluded an outstanding business year in 2013, which was characterized by impressive financial results, a total comprehensive income amounting to HUF 2.69 billion and consolidated total assets of HUF 33 billion. The company’s two-figure revenue increase last year, considerably surpassing the average of the automotive industry, demonstrated that the customer-focused product development together with the stringent cost management laid a firm foundation for Rába’s sustainable growth.
New Orders from Europe
Rába Axle Ltd. has gained significant businesses on the European market. Starting in 2016, the company will supply new I-beam models to the continent’s leading truck manufacturers in an annual value of about EUR 18 million. The contracts strengthen Rába’s market positions in Europe and also contribute to the strong utilization of the refurbished manufacturing capacity.
Rába to Supply Chassis for Asphalt Pavers of the Market Leader German Manufacturer

Rába Vehicle Ltd. signed a supplier contract valid until the end of 2016 with Joseph Vögele AG, one of Europe’s leading construction vehicle manufacturers. Rába obtained the right to manufacture the chassis of the improved asphalt paver as a new supplier. The recently concluded agreement further strengthens the civil sales segment and provides an excellent reference for future market development of the Vehicle unit.

Components Business: Strengthening Positions on the European Car Market
The recently concluded agreement between Rába and German Kirchhoff Group carries a strategic significance for the Hungarian automotive company, whereby Rába supplies Western European passenger cars with 600 000 pieces of pressed components. The new contract generates annual sales revenue of HUF 500 million for the company’s Components Business Unit based in Mór, Hungary.
Renault Trucks Defense – Rába Vehicle Ltd. Memorandum of Understanding on Joint Production of Firefighting Vehicle Chassis
Volvo Group member Renault Trucks Defense and Rába Vehicle Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding on joint development and production of firefighting vehicle chassis. The cooperation aimed at tapping into the opportunities provided by the Hungarian market is based on Renault’s state-of-the-art technology and Rába’s special competences, development and manufacturing capacities.
Excellent Performance of the Axle Business Brings Best Q1 Results of the last decade for Rába
The company started the year 2013 with a dynamic growth, the group’s consolidated revenue surpassed the result of the base period by 16.4 percent and there is a sevenfold increase in the operating profit compared to the first quarter of 2012.  The 25 percent revenue growth of the Axle Business boosted the group results. Rába closed the first quarter of 2013 with a profit for the year of HUF 860 million.
Volvo Bus Corporation - Rába Automotive Holding Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation on the Bus Market

The strategic partners agreed on the joint assessment of the possibilities for meeting Hungarian bus market demands. The modern public transport vehicles are to be manufactured for the Hungarian market using reliable, state-of-the-art technology, localized production and maximized Hungarian content.

New Rába axle in the flagship product of Claas
New Rába axle in the flagship product of Claas
Rába started supplying axles to the most powerful, more than 500 HP universal prime movers of Claas in 2012. Thanks to the new business revenues generated by the agricultural segment are expected to grow significantly at the Győr-based company.