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Rába to enter NAFTA bus market in Mexico

Rába introduces its complete axles on the market of another country on the American continent. The Győr based Hungarian company supplies Mexico’s DINA bus manufacturer’s buses and trolley buses with axles.

Ongoing cooperation between Rába and Claas

Through a new order Rába expands its scope of products supplied to Claas, one of the world’s leading agricultural vehicle manufacturer. The agreement signed for five years brings the company a revenue of nearly EUR 2 million.

Rába – EAMCO agreement in Egypt

As a result of its business development efforts Rába is about to gain a footing on a new target market in North-Africa. The Hungarian company supplies bus axles to the Egyptian truck and bus manufacturer EAMCO (Engineering Automotive Manufacturing Company).

Increasing Profitability, Markedly Decreasing Net Loan at Rába

Consolidated group level sales of Rába Group reached HUF 24.5 billion in the first half of 2015. The EBITDA, rising by almost 14 percent and showing the efficiency of cash-flow generation, surpassed the figures of the base period in terms of sales efficiency and volume, and Rába’s all other performance indicators also signal a profitable financial management in the first half of this year.

Rába further strengthens presence on European commercial vehicle market

One of Rába’s long term strategic objectives is to increase sales on the European markets. The company is continuously developing its products and technologies to comply with the latest exhaust emission norms, with reducing pressure on the environment in view.

Solid Profitability, Net Loan at Record Low

Consolidated group level sales of Rába Group reached HUF 13.9 billion in the first quarter of 2015, registering a 17.6 percent increase over the base period of 2014. In the first three months of this year all business units maintained or improved their cash flow generating efficiency, group level EBITDA neared HUF 1 billion.

Rába's AGM: Solid Results in 2014
The annual general meeting of Rába Holding Plc. approved the management’s report on the year 2014 operation of the company. Rába Group concluded the business year 2014 with a total comprehensive income amounting to HUF 871.4 million and consolidated total assets of HUF 36.2 billion.
New vehicles in the fleet of Budapest’s public transport- A hybrid bus operated by BKV in the streets with Rába’s axle

Rába has successfully adapted its newly developed portal axle to a hybrid bus. The first such hybrid bus to be operated by BKV will be introduced later this month.

New Suzuki Vitara Equipped with Rába Seat Components

Rába extended the scope of its products supplied to Suzuki by means of a newly acquired order. The recently signed agreement brings the company’s Components Unit a contract worth HUF 2 billion annually for the whole life-cycle of the new Suzuki Vitara.

BM Heros-Rába has started the manufacture of fire fighting vehicles

Rába Vehicle Ltd. has signed a 5-million-forint frame contract with the Budapest-based BM Heros Zrt., which is specialized in the manufacture and repair of disaster management equipment. Receiving the first order, BM Heros-Rába can now begin the manufacture of fire engines, which were designed to meet domestic needs with their outstanding driving and off-road capabilities. The fire engine superstructures will be produced by BM Heros Zrt., while the production of custom chassis will belong to Rába Vehicle Ltd.