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Successful crisis management – record quarter since listing

RÁBA Plc. closed the 2020 business year with a consolidated, group-level sales revenue of HUF 38.7 billion. Thanks to the measures introduced in the spring, the management successfully handled the crisis and, exceeding the set goal, restored profitable operations on an annual basis, along with a positive and stable cash production. In terms of operating profitability 2020 was the most successful second half year since 2001, and fourth quarter since Rába went public.

Dear Partners!

The following companies of Raba Group will be closed from 21st December 2020 to 3rd January 2021.

Raba Plc. (central office - Holding)  
Raba Axle Ltd.
Rába Automotive Components Ltd.
Raba Vehicle Ltd. 

Effective crisis management, profitable operation, continuing future building

Rába Plc. closed the first nine months of this year with consolidated sales of HUF 27.8 billion. Thanks to the company's timely crisis management strategy, it has flexibly and efficiently fulfilled the rising number of orders as markets started to recover. The impact of the measures resulted in an operational profit in the third quarter.

Rába enters new market segment

A cooperation, successfully launched last year, is set to be further expanded this year by Rába and its leading international partner. The new framework agreement signed with the integrator company responsible for complete seat sytems and now assuming a key partner status, justifies the business development strategy of Rába, a company committed to quality manufacturing.

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Another profitable business year

Rába Group increased its sales revenue by 2.4 percent compared to the base period, and the consolidated income amounted to almost HUF 50 billion in 2019 Q1-Q4. The company reached important milestones in its history in 2019: it strengthened its manufacturing competence and product portfolio by acquisition; after successfully concluding the test run serial production started on the new forging line, which is going to become Europe’s most modern and integrated production line in the front axle segment after the ancillary capacities become operational this year.

Significant growth in the key segments

Rába group closed another successful business year in 2018: the group level sales revenue reached almost HUF 49 billion, evincing a 10.9 percent growth. Last year brought an enduring key market recovery, which contributed to the good results of all three business units.

Growing sales revenue, ongoing modernization

The Rába Group closed 2018 Q3 with consolidated sales of HUF 34.7 billion, which is a 12.5 percent increase in sales compared to the base period. The strategic investment program of the company soon reaches the next milestone, the testing of the new production line is expected to start before the year is out.

Start of year brings outstanding sales growth and efficiency

Rába Group started the year 2018 successfully: the consolidated revenue reached HUF 12.4 billion, which corresponds to a 17.5 percent growth compared to the base period, and is the second highest group-level income in a decade. The excellent financial result, and the potentially lasting nature of the recovery of the key markets help the continuously modernizing company to broaden its business opportunities.

Recovering markets – implementation of investment program in focus
The Rába Group closed 2017 Q3 with consolidated revenues of nearly HUF 31 billion, realizing a 6.4 percent increase in turnover. The continued excellent figures were supported by recovering key markets in the first nine months of this year.
Rába's strategic investment program kicks off
Rába has opened a new chapter in its history. Profitable operations and an active loan reduction paved the way for the development and implementation of an investment program that will shape the company’s future. Through the Hungarian Government’s Large Enterprise Investment Support Program the company utilizes additional funds to finance development.